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  • Creating an Activity Based Working Strategy
    Strategic companies have transitioned to an activity based working environment in order to meet the needs of the evolving workforce and align with business goals. Those companies are feeling success with increasing productivity, lowering property costs, and talent attraction and retention. But, how did they create their strategy?
  • Technology Driving the Modern Workplace
    Blog Series May 2017
    Topics about new & innovative technology that enables the move to the modern workplace.
  • Hybrid Workplace: Challenges & Strategies
    Blog Series April 2017
    Issues faced by companies in the process of moving to the modern workplace and the outcomes.
  • Impact of Integrated Workplace Management System on Today's Workplace
    Learn about Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) and the new model that leverages investments and supports the workplace of the future.
  • The Data Driven CRE Organization
    Blog Series March 2017
    How to obtain, manage and analyze the data needed to drive CRE decisions & measure results of initiatives.
  • Activity Based Workplace Design: Why One Size Does Not Fit All
    When you're moving to an agile workspace design for the first time, there's often a perception among employees that there won't be enough desks for everyone. This video explores provden strategies for effectively dealing with this issue.
  • Can Traditional IWMS Meet the Requirements of the Modern Workplace?
    The disruption of workplace management is here. New requirements for the modern workplace, including more efficient use of space and features that attract and retain top talent, have pushed the boundaries of what the workplace management tools and practices of yesterday can support.
  • 5 Tips for Companies Moving to Agile Office Space
    Jo-Anne Mann focuses on the top tips, insights and secrets that might help companies moving to an agile office space
  • Challenges of Moving to Agile Working
    Blog Series February 2017
    How to overcome challenges associated with moving to agile working. The transition doesn't need to be difficult, if you have the right tools.
  • Best Practices for the Modern Workplace
    This ebook explores the best practices used by the most progressive companies in the world to deliver the modern workplace successfully.
  • CRE Technology for Workplace 2020
    Blog Series January 2017
    About modern technology that companies need to have in place to implement & fully realize the benefits of agile working.
  • Wellbeing, Performance and the Workplace Environment, Part 2
    Blog Series December 2016
    How workforce wellbeing affects work performance and ultimately the health of the organization, and how the workplace environment can drive improvements.
  • Wellbeing, Performance and the Workplace Environment, Part 1
    Blog Series November 2017
    How workforce wellbeing affects work performance and ultimately the health of the organization, and how the workplace environment can drive improvements.
  • The Future of Corporate Real Estate
    Blog Series October 2016
    What's ahead for the workplace and what CRE teams will need in order to support modern work environments
  • How Technology Helps You Get Your Time Back
    Blog Series September 2016
    How Technology Helps Streamline Data Collection, Day-to-Day Space Planning, Strategic Decision Making and Reporting.
  • How Can Wayfinding Technology Shape Employee Experience?
    Wayfinding technology saves time while also providing a great employee experience. Watch to see a demonstration of wayfinding technology in action.
  • Overcoming Barriers to Adopting New Technology
    Blog Series August 2016
    Addressing some of the issues large corporations face as they try to decide on and implement new technology.
  • Workplace management cloud data security: is my information safe?
    Concerned about workplace management cloud data security? Watch this video to learn how Serraview keeps your data secure. One of the most important things about cloud data security is the data center in which we house your data. Vendor selection at Serraview is something that’s taken very seriously. We only house data in some of the largest and most reputable data centers in the world.
  • Serraview's Workplace Management Software Sucess Stories Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®
    Serraview Co-founder Ian Morley, as well as several Serraview clients and partners, explained how corporations are saving millions by optimizing their use of office space.
  • Planning for the Agile Workplace
    Blog Series July 2016
    Design and strategy information for companies considering and planning for a move to agile workplace environments.
  • IWMS 2.0
    Blog Series June 2016
    Michael Bell, the original author of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IWMS, is an advocate for this new way of managing FM operations and has coined the term “IWMS 2.0.” Read how IWMS has evolved.
  • The Changing Face of Workplace
    Blog Series May 2016
    What's changing and what additional changes are on the horizon for the workplace and the workforce, and what Property teams need to know to stay ahead of the curve.
  • How To Right Size Your Office Space
    Figuring out how to right-size your office space can seem overwhelming. This video blog shows you how it can be done simply in less than 5 minutes.
  • Space Challenges for the Australian Government
    Blog Series April 2017
    The unique challenges of space planning for Australian government departments and agencies.
  • Bank of Montreal Case Study
    Video, Case Study
    Nada Farah, Senior Manager of Workplace Strategy at BMO, discusses the value of implementing Serraview.
  • Top Tips for Office Relocations
    Blog Series February 2016
    Managing a large move doesn't have to be a nightmare with the right tools and resources
  • Suncorp Reduced Their Real Estate Costs by 30%
    Case Study
    Suncorp optimised their property portfolio, moved to a flexible environment and significantly reduced their costs.
  • Challenges for the Corporate Space Planner
    Blog Series March 2016
    Dealing with the day to day issues faced by a corporate space planner.
  • Driving the Optimized Workplace
    Blog Series
    Demonstrating how reliable data and visual tools are key to optimizing space utilization.
  • Australian Government Department Achieves Efficiency Dividends
    Case Study
    This Australian Government Department reduced its real estate footprint and achieved significant efficiency dividends.
  • Workplace Management Software Buyer's Guide
    This guide was designed to help you focus your evaluation on the key points that are proven to drive results
  • Managing Workplace Utilization
    This paper addresses the emergence of the Internet of things (IoT) and other technologies that can be used to collect workplace utilization data.
  • Smart Ideas for Smart Buildings
    Blog Series January 2016
    Learn about smarter ways of working and how technology can help you get there faster.
  • Condeco-Serraview Partnership
    See how sensor data and space planning tools are powering the next generation of workplace technology.
  • Frost and Sullivan Award
    Frost & Sullivan awarded Serraview 2015 FM Software Company of the Year. This informative report explains why.
  • Space Benchmarks
    How does your office space measure up? Benchmark your workspace mangement against Australian best practice.
  • Telstra Save Millions
    Case Study
    Telstra maximised their real estate utilisation, streamlined their move process and saved millions.
  • Bank of Montreal Case Study
    Slideshare, Case Study
    Nada Farah, Senior Manager of Workplace Strategy at BMO, discusses the value of implementing Serraview.