Smart Workplaces Require Smarter Tools

Connect with us at WORKTECH Sydney 2016 to see how we’ve helped Australia’s largest companies deliver their workplace of the future.

Angela Barwick

Angela Barwick

Solutions Consultant, Serraview

Angela is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Serraview. Building on her years of experience at JLL/Suncorp, she has aided dozens of Australian companies to find and implement advanced tools for their next generation workplaces.


WORKTECH16 Sydney is a forum for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace. WORKTECH speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries.

Join over 300 senior professionals from real estate, facilities, HR, technology, executive management, architecture, design and professional advisers to further knowledge and share best practice and expertise.

Sessions Include

Work in the Age of Stagnation

The world has entered the ‘New Mediocre’ – a period of low growth, stagnant living standards and unprecedented uncertainty. How will lower levels of economic activity, the changing forces of globalisation, new disruptive technologies and the accompanying social volatility affect the nature of work?

Satyajit DasConsultant, Author and Academic

The Rise of Generation Slashie: Why portfolio careers will dominate the future of work

Generation Slashie is a rising phenomenon and workforce trend where individuals juggle multiple careers at the same time out of choice, not necessity. Sarah Liu will explore in this session how Corporate Australia can and should embrace this new way of work so they can attract, retain and maximize this generation of top talent with multiple skillsets, entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking and the determination to succeed.

Sarah LiuHead of Relationships, Gemini3 Pty Ltd

BrainWise Leadership: Minding a 21st Century Workforce

Inspiring and sustaining high performance in the complex, ambiguous and unpredictable environment that characterise today’s marketplace requires a different mind-set and leadership approach. Neuroscience illuminates methods for leaders to fully use and magnify their own capacity and better leverage the strengths and experience of an agile and diverse 21st century workforce.

Dr Connie HensonManaging Director, Learning Quest

Future Ways of Working at Telstra

This presentation is an overview of Telstra’s approach to Activity Based Working as part of the FWOW program; providing insights into how Telstra applied an evidence-based approach in considering worker needs and creating a new approach to workplace. It will outline the foundational guiding principles, change framework and approach to technology.

Nicole BirbasGM, Future Ways of Working, Telstra

“Which Two Heads Are Better Than One?” How diverse teams can create breakthrough ideas and make smarter decisions.

In a world of greater automation (e.g. though Artificial Intelligence) and information overload, there will be a stronger emphasis on the creation of meaning and insight. In a world of greater complexity and uncertainty, value will be generated by spotting and navigating indeterminate risks. But how is that to be done? People have appropriately latched onto “Diversity of thinking” as the answer, but it is still a catchphrase. We don’t know how to make it real. Juliet Bourke will discuss insights from her new book.

Juliette BourkePartner, Human Capital, Deloitte Australia

The Symbiosis of Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces.

Increasingly the workplace of the future is being influenced by the evolution of Smart Building Design. This presentation briefly explores how smarter tenants are using technology to not only create spatially and environmentally efficient workplaces, but also how they can improve their understanding and relationship with the building they occupy.

Bruce DuyshartBuilding Technology Strategist, Meld Strategies