Workplace 2020: How IoT Can Enable the Transition to an Agile Workplace

Many organizations are realizing the great benefits that can be achieved through adopting an agile working environment, resulting in significant impacts to both the top and bottom line. The aim of this webinar is to provide an overview of the benefits that can be achieved employing an agile work environment and also discuss the technology required to enable a smooth transition to agile, both in terms of data analytics and employee enablement. This webinar will teach you about some of the core IoT (Internet of Things) technologies from readily available solutions such as badge card readers to more specific solutions including sensors, wifi and wired technology, and how these technologies not only provide valuable data but also contribute to employee enablement.

Simon serves as Vice President of Business Development for Serraview and is an 18 year veteran of the Real Estate industry. Simon specializes in Real Estate Technology focusing on how clients can leverage technology solutions to meet both the clients tactical and strategic needs. Simon has worked in Europe, Asia and North America and has served as a panelist, faculty and author for CoreNet Global, IFMA and NFMT. Simon is also the IFMA IT Community Global Liaison and serves as the Vice President of CoreNet Arizona. Davis’ experience in facility management technology supports leading organizations worldwide in optimizing business practices and implementing new technology solutions. He applies his broad technical skill and business acumen to driving strategic solutions for clients that achieve measurable results. Davis earned his law degree from the University of Southampton, UK and a Master’s degree in Business and Information Technology from the University of Salford, UK.