Refine and Transform Your Workplace Strategy

Keep up with the latest trends in office design by attending the Future Offices NYC 2017 event. This event will feature changes in the workplace and how your company needs to keep up with them in an effort to improve ROI, employee retention, and employee wellness. The event will take you behind the scenes of Buzzfeed so that you can see first hand how a top company has implemented these new design trends within their office.

Hear Insights From Serraview

Optimizing Space for New Ways of Working and Improved Efficiency Using Data Driven Workplace Design


Featured Speakers


Main Discussion Topics

CRE Innovation

Leveraging Your Company’s Products and Services to Enhance CRE’s Value Proposition

Co-Working Culture

Immersing Yourself in Co-Working Culture To Increase Flow and Productivity

Work Smarter

Using Technology and Data to Enable a Mobile and Distributed Workforce

Cost Savings

Leveraging Activity Based Working to Realize RE Cost Savings

Striking the Balance

Delivering a Design that Satisfies Your Diverse Workforce


Creating a Seamlessly Connected Ecosystem in Order to Enable High Levels of Productivity

Workplace Strategy

Successfully Executing Your Wrkplace Strategy: What Comes After Implementation?

Overcoming Hurdles

Overcoming RE Hurdles to Enable a Successful Long-Term Workplace Strategy