Planning for the Agile and Dynamic Workplace

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This year’s CoreNet Global Philadelphia Summit will address pressing issues relating to the fast paced changes that are being made in the Corporate Real Estate industry. Geopolitical events, the global economy, sustainability, and advances in technology all influence the way organizations behave. The speed of change accelerates the need for CRE to move faster on a global scale. To thrive, organizations, as a whole, need to be agile and dynamic. View the Full Agenda.

CoreNet Global Summit General Sessions

Opening General Session: Dear World, Can We Talk?

Vikram Mansharamani


Chris Bashinelli


Robert Fogarty


Do you consider yourself a global citizen? Through what lens do you view the world? From a generalist’s perspective – or with a specialized focus? How clear is that focus? Do you have eyes in the back of your head? Can you see what’s coming? Do you have blind spots? Can you spot opportunity and reduce risk?

This year’s Summit is a time set aside for the exploration of ideas where macro and micro views can be brought into focus and re-evaluated.

In this opening general session, speakers present ideas challenging your role as a global citizen and considering new ways of seeing with three unique, ‘big picture’ perspectives. Engage in compelling conversation with a National Geographic explorer, a Yale University lecturer and an internationally recognized photographer, as they endeavor to challenge your field of view.

Closing General Session: Bridging Peoples, Nations and Ideas


Felipe Calderon


As a powerful former Head of State, Felipe Calderón is uniquely qualified to discuss today’s complex global issues. Calderón served as the 56th President of Mexico from 2006-2012 at a critical time during the country’s drug war. He implemented public policies during his tenure that projected Mexico as a powerful player in the global economy. He was named “Statesman of the Year” by the World Economic Forum and “Champion of the Earth” by the United Nations. He chaired the UN Conference on Climate Change COP 16 and was ranked among the 100 most influential people by Time magazine.

Since leaving his post as President, he has focused his attention on the economic benefits of acting on climate change and has positioned himself as a leading voice on this global issue. His wife, Margarita Zavala, recently announced she intends to run for President of Mexico in the 2018 election.

In this powerful closing general session, Calderón will discuss topics ranging from immigration to geopolitics, the economy to the environment and more. Seize your opportunity to engage, ask questions and get insights in this highly interactive session.

CoreNet Global Summit Education Sessions

Beyond the Horizon

Preparing for Threats to Real Estate Infrastructure Risks posed by the complex and ill-defined nature of today’s terrorist, criminal, and intelligence threats requires leadership and engagement at every level and functional area of an organization.

“Steps from the Stoop” Global Citizenship - A Guide to Recognizing Your Potential and Contributing to Humanity

Global Citizenship is a service-based mentality that accounts for the needs of others. It is an all-inclusive way of life that stretches across our personal and professional lives, and helps us become the person we wish to be. Through thought provoking exercises, unique audience engagement, and uplifting videos you will be empowered to create more authentic relationships here and now. Chris Bashinelli, Cross-Cultural-Explorer and Host of Bridge the Gap, will inspire you to build stronger connections with people across intercultural, intergenerational and international boundaries. While finding moments each day, both inside and outside the office, as a means to contribute.

Johnson & Johnson Real Estate: Enterprise Transformation on a Hyper-Accelerated Pace

How do you embrace and protect 130 years of decentralized management, yet transform a key business service to a center led model in less than 2 years? Johnson & Johnson (J&J) moved from a decentralized real estate advisory group to an enterprise focused, globally deployed organization by transforming four key areas: Accountability, Authority, Funding, and Talent, all underpinned by a strategic plan to drive the business forward. This transformation fundamentally changed the way J&J reaches investment decisions, organizes resources, and plans to align its fixed assets to meet the long term needs of the business.

Working Successfully With Your IT Department

Real estate and facility management leaders are under growing pressure from the business and the workforce to expand their strategies to reimagine physical spaces to engage employees. Digital/physical convergence is compelling RE/FM charters to expand and become interdependent with the charter of IT. But how should you cope with this new need to work more with IT? Come hear an analyst from Gartner, an IT research and advisory firm, who will share an insider’s view of IT organizations – who’s in them, how they work, what makes them tick – and how you can best partner with them because you need them and they need you!