Smart Workplaces Require Smarter Tools

Hear first hand how ANZ and Serraview have been innovating better business outcomes for the workplace

Playbox 2.0: New Ways to Drive Better Business Outcomes

Education Session: Wednesday 23 March 2016 14:00, The Ritz-Carlton, Singapore

What if you could create an environment that could adapt to the way your employees work? Imagine a “smart” environment that intuitively knows the way you work and provides real-time data led insights on those preferences engaging you to try new ways of working? What if you could create an environment that truly enables the business to accelerate outcomes and tangibly measures uplift in staff engagement, speed to market, decrease in staff attrition, cost avoidance and increase in revenue? ANZ and Serraview will share their agile tools developed and tested to respond to their exciting pace of change.

Conference Theme: The Bigger Picture

Geopolitical events, the global economy, sustainability and advances in technology all influence the way organizations behave. Change is inevitable and when change accelerates there is a need for CRE to respond quickly, often on a global scale. For organizations to thrive they must be agile and dynamic; ready to respond to change as if it were an anticipated strategic occurrence.

In a world of constant change, the biggest risk for leaders is delayed response. CoreNet Global Summits equip leaders to seize opportunities to:

  • Build new capabilities and profitable business models
  • Develop a broader knowledge of markets, internal business clients and the final end consumer
  • Be a catalyst for change in organizational culture

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