Planning for the Agile and Dynamic Workplace

This year’s CoreNet Global Amsterdam Summit will address pressing issues relating to the fast paced changes that are being made in the Corporate Real Estate industry. Geopolitical events, the global economy, sustainability, and advances in technology all influence the way organizations behave. The speed of change accelerates the need for CRE to move faster on a global scale. To thrive, organizations, as a whole, need to be agile and dynamic. View the Full Agenda.

CoreNet Global Summit General Sessions

Opening General Session: Emerging Issues Defining Our Future


Mujtaba Rahmen

Geopolitical events, the global economy, sustainability, and advances in technology all influence the way organisations behave. Stock market volatility, unrest in the Middle East, currency and debt concerns in a range of emerging markets, climate change, and doubts over the viability of the Eurozone are potent forces uppermost in mind. But where are we headed?

Keynote speaker Mujtaba Rahman, who leads Eurasia Group’s Europe practice, will provide a fascinating look into what’s happening in Europe which this year faces multiple risks – BREXIT, GREXIT, refugees – and the economic and geopolitical implications these carry.

Closing General Session: Creating a Better Future


markMark Stevenson

Darwin never said ‘survival of the fittest’; he said ‘survival of the most agile’. As new technologies and societal trends make existing business models obsolete, this lesson is becoming increasingly clear. In this challenging but fun session, futurist Mark Stevenson will ask you to look into the abyss. Why do organisations fail in times of change, what can we learn from their actions and how can we avoid a similar fate? How can we be literate about the challenges and choices the future offers us as organisations and individuals and use that knowledge to help us navigate an uncertain future? What skills and attitudes do we need to cultivate?

Drawing on his work with everyone from business leaders to artists, astronauts to outstanding teachers, futurist and innovation expert Mark Stevenson will outline the ‘8 principles of successful optimists’ – principles that can be applied at a personal, family and organisational level to help you, and those you work with, embrace creativity and agility while making the world a better place.

The future is up for grabs. Grab hold.

CoreNet Global Summit Education Sessions

Disruptive Technologies in Real Estate: Are You Ready?

  • Assess how technological change will impact CRE strategy at a portfolio, building and workplace level over the short, medium and longer term
  • Gain practical examples of adoption and international best practices, and real life insights from companies in the midst of this change
  • Identify the key features of the workplace of the future, and explore the kinds of space developers and occupiers should create in response to a constantly shifting technological framework

Busy if for Losers!

  • Discover why busy is for losers
  • How to rethink how you manage yourself: moving from time management to attention management
  • Gain practical strategies to help you regain a greater sense of control and to improve your ability to focus on what matters

The Real World of Real Estate: How Economics and Geopolitics Affect Occupiers

  • Deepen your understanding of key economic and geopolitical risks and their implications.
  • Discover ways of addressing these key risks as part of your strategic planning processes.
  • Discuss the disconnect between increasingly short planning horizons and the long-term nature of property leases and learn how the development process can be managed.

Use Your Brain - Apply Neuroscience Insights

  • Understand the mechanism of priming the brain for focus, creativity and learning within the built environment.
  • Define specific actions to improve knowledge creation and cognition in space to drive organisational innovation (enabling space model)
  • Examine spatial strategies fostering cognitive and emotional wellbeing at work

Undesigning the Office

  • Understand how Facebook uses technology and metrics to make data based design decisions.
  • See the designs of Facebook’s new campus and understand how the space was designed to accommodate their collaborative working style.
  • Discuss the impact of workplace strategy on talent attraction and retention.

Enabling Change

  • Identify major success factors associated with organisational change.
  • Adjust your approach to more effectively guide others through change.
  • Assess your style as a means of coaching others through the change process.

A New Global Order: Manufacturing in the Post-BRICs Era

  • Recognize and assess threats and opportunities for your manufacturing business stemming from global macro/structural changes
  • Form a view on the short and long term competitiveness and attractiveness of global investment destinations for business growth

The Edge: The World’s Most Sustainable Building

  • Gain insights into advanced data analytics systems for intelligent buildings
  • Discover the game-changing technology that gives facilities managers and occupiers better real time control of every facet of a buildings operation
  • Understand how to reduce costs and enhance wellbeing by combining innovative design and technology with advanced sustainability measures

In the Wake of Brexit

  • Deepen your understanding of economic risks and their implications
  • Gain insights on rapidly-changing economic, financial and political developments

Unleash the Unexpected Potential

  • Explore potential future outcomes that can be used to enhance corporate real estate
  • Discover how different motivations can shape your business
  • Connect and engage with various generations and people from other fields of expertise

Measuring Knowledge Worker Productivity: The 6 Factors That Change Everything

  • Describe to stakeholders the 6 factors that are proven to most highly correlate to knowledge worker productivity and which can act as proxy measures
  • Practice defining desired best practice behaviors that are consistent with the 6 factors
  • Define actionable initiatives for improving the factors within your organisation

Team Readiness: How Culturally Diverse Teams Can Benefit From Their Differences

  • Understand the key factors that affect performance in culturally diverse environment
  • Learn about the competences that help you and your team to manage the challenges of working internationally
  • Examine the delicate balance of global consistency with local flexibility