Workplace Transformation Strategy: Is yours based on data or perception | data driven workplace design

Workplace Transformation Strategy: Is Yours Based on Data or Perception?

It’s no secret that organizations with large portfolios of office space need to rethink how they’re using their space. Yours is probably like many CRE teams: pressured to make workplaces work better for the modern business and the mobile workforce. It’s a tall order, and there’s no magic formula for workplace transformation guaranteed to work for every company and every situation.

Workplace Transformation Strategy: Is yours based on data or perception | data driven workplace

Are you struggling to create workplaces that get teams to collaborate, attract and retain talent, and enable the company to produce and innovate? Read on to learn why you may not be seeing the results you expected, and how to get your workplace transformation on the right track.

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(VIDEO) Agile Workspace Design: Have you provided enough desks?

When you’re moving to an agile workspace design for the first time, there’s often a perception among employees that there won’t be enough desks for everyone. Watch this interview to learn proven strategies for effectively dealing with this issue.


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Building a Business Case for Workplace Redesign | modern workplace transformation

Workplace Redesign: Building a Business Case

How do you develop financial justification for workplace transformation?

Even though office space is such a large chunk of the budget for just about every large corporation, until a few years ago companies didn’t seem to expect much of a return on that investment in space. It was simply considered a necessary cost of doing business. Today that’s changing in a hurry. Workplaces need to become business enablers that improve employee experience, attract talent, and boost productivity to help companies compete in the knowledge economy.

Building a Business Case for Workplace Redesign | modern workplace transformation

That’s why every day we see more companies embarking on the journey to implementing modern workplaces that help them meet their business goals. That process often starts small with pilot programs and small projects impacting a floor or a few teams at a time. Positive results at this stage encourage CRE teams to push for more of a good thing. However, gaining approval for a workplace redesign on a larger scale typically requires proving the financial payback for the workplace transformation with a business case.

How do you quantify what your business can expect to gain as a result of the workplace redesign? Here at Serraview, we work with large, global companies in all stages of workplace transformation, and these are the strategies we see them using to establish a solid business case.

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Accruent Announces Strategic Partnership with Serraview

Software Provider Propels the Agile Work Environment in Corporate Real Estate

Austin, Texas, February 28, 2017 – Accruent, the world’s leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to shape, drive, manage and control their physical assets, today announced its partnership with Serraview, a leading provider of space optimization software and workplace management technology.

Serraview offers cloud-based solutions that optimize corporate real estate portfolio utilization, increase efficiency in relocations, and facilitate smarter work environments for some of the largest and most progressive companies in the world. While Serraview’s software has all the features of a traditional space and occupancy planning software, what sets them apart is the concept of managing space based on real-time utilization.

In the transition from dedicated workstations for employees to shared spaces that workers use as needed, companies are able to reduce space costs by optimizing the use of their property portfolio. Serraview’s automated tools provide the ability to visualize and manage space, buildings, and people, including generating what-if scenarios, right-sizing team allocations based on occupancy levels, and pinpointing savings opportunities. Serraview also provides wayfinding technology that improves the employee experience in the workplace by helping employees find people and spaces in a large facility.

“With Accruent as a reseller, we’re teaming up with a best-of-breed solution provider, enabling us to fit into more market opportunities,” Stephen Macnee, CEO, Serraview. “This partnership also bolsters the ability to expand our partnerships with commercial real estate services providers.”

The combination of market-leading software from Accruent and Serraview enhances the competitive positioning for both companies and offers a solution for customers moving toward an agile or mobile workforce.

“Serraview has an innovative approach to space planning that’s designed to meet the needs of the agile work environment and drive workplace efficiency,” said John Borgerding, CEO of Accruent. “Accruent brings its breadth and scale to the partnership – two market leaders working together to provide mutual benefits to our customers.”

To learn more about the benefits of the Serraview solution, register for the March 8 webinar, Brave New World: How Agile Spaces Are Transforming Facilities Management.

About Accruent
Accruent provides software and services that enable organizations to shape, drive, manage and control their physical assets. Accruent’s solutions are at work in more than 5,800 leading organizations worldwide, including 40 of the top 100 retailers, 25 percent of the Fortune 500, 40 percent of leading universities, all 4 of the top U.S. wireless carriers, 55 percent of U.S. hospitals as well as leading service providers managing more than 15 billion square feet of property. Founded in 1995, Accruent is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with locations across the U.S. and in Canada, China, India, Israel, Germany and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

About Serraview
Serraview, a leading provider of workplace management software, works with some of the largest and most progressive companies in the world to deliver the workplace of the future. Serraview provides cloud-based tools that drive optimized corporate real estate portfolio utilization, more efficient relocations, and enable smarter, more productive agile work environments. Serraview clients get reliable data and reporting that supports accountability, better strategic decisions and huge bottom line savings. For more information about Serraview and the best way to optimize your company’s workspace, visit

Multiply Agile Working Benefits: Invest in the Employee Experience

Corporate real estate professionals understand agile working benefits: the company stands to cut property costs significantly by optimizing space and reducing footprint. At the same time, this workplace strategy can help to attract and retain talent, boost engagement and productivity, and even increase innovation within a company.

However, at first your employees and managers may not be fully convinced that the move is in their best interest. After all, you are taking away the private offices and desks that many have worked at for years. Even though they may complain about them, people may be emotionally attached to their workspaces and even feel a sense of ownership. That’s especially true of managers who feel they have earned their private offices and worry that their status within the company is being reduced.

That’s why, to achieve all of the touted agile working benefits, your workplace transformation must do more than simply reduce workpoints. One of the biggest mistakes I see companies make in moving to an agile working strategy is failing to reinvest in the workplace to improve the employee experience. When you are taking something away from employees, it’s essential that you give back workplace features that facilitate productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being.

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