3 Strategies to Modernize Your Company Relocation Process

Do you have a major company relocation coming up? Chances are you’re feeling a little anxious.

Relocation-Management-WhiteWhen you do it the old-fashioned way, a company relocation is chaos for everyone involved. That includes the employees being moved, management, IT staff, and most of all the relocation team. People have come to expect extra work, frustration and inconvenience, wasted time, lost productivity and even lost items. A botched relocation doesn’t do anything positive for anyone’s career, either.

The “old fashioned way” is doing everything manually: with manual audits, piles of spreadsheets, to-do lists scribbled on white boards and post-it notes, and little to no communication before, during or after the move.

Sound familiar?

The good news is, modernizing your company relocation process can make your move happen faster, more efficiently, and with less anxiety for everyone. And make your relocation team look like heroes.

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Why Bed Checks for Commercial Space Planning Are So Yesterday

Space-Planning-and-Utilization-WhiteStill relying on manual audits or “bed checks” to collect occupancy data for your commercial space planning? We don’t need to tell you it’s inefficient, but you’re losing more than you think without a modern workplace management tool.

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VIDEO: Creating Corporate Real Estate Reports

Even with well-designed and useful space management reports, there will be times when you’d like to tweak those reports to better suit the needs of your business. Luckily, Serraview’s Customer Support team has access to our proprietary Report Builder tool that makes creating/tailoring custom reports designed to support Corporate Real Estate a breeze. Oona McManus demonstrates doing so with both table-style and graphical reports.


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Scenario Planning Tools Simplify Workplace Optimization

Space-Planning-and-Utilization-WhiteA couple of months back, Ian Morley discussed workplace optimization on the award-winning business program, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. He shared that many corporations are wasting 50 percent or more of the space in their real estate portfolios. Kathy wanted to know, “why is workplace optimization so challenging?”

Watch the interview: Serraview’s Workplace Management Software Success Stories Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

Here’s one of the key reasons: there are many time-consuming steps involved in making even the smallest improvements to a company’s use of space.

Simply moving a few teams around on one floor is a complex project that can take weeks or even months to plan and execute successfully. Re-stacking an entire building is vastly more complicated, potentially involving hundreds of teams and thousands of people. The idea of optimizing your company’s work space on a city, region or even global level can seem truly overwhelming.

Even the most experienced space planners will agree that optimizing space on a large scale is a monumental task without using modern scenario planning tools.

Just like a home space planning tool lets you test your ideas for rearranging the living room without moving furniture, the best corporate scenario planning tools also allow you to test your ideas on a floor, building, or even region-wide scale without the heavy lifting.

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Serraview Welcomes Jo-Anne Mann as Global Head of Client Success

MELBOURNE, Australia – September 26, 2016 – Serraview, a leader in workplace management and optimization solutions, is pleased to announce that Jo-Anne Mann has joined the firm as Global Head of Client Success. The jo-anneappointment comes as the firm continues its expansion beyond APAC and North America to serve the global market, and addresses corporations’ increasing desire to transition to modern, agile workplaces.

Jo brings over 15 years of experience in corporate real estate. Most recently she served as Executive Manager, Customer Relationship Management for Suncorp’s Corporate Real Estate Division, where she provided expertise in the design and delivery of workplace management solutions aligned to the group’s strategic business plans. Jo was also responsible for delivering Suncorp’s agile working initiative.

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