Improving Time To Value for Workplace Technology Implementation

When you need to take control of your corporate real estate costs, implementing workplace technology is the obvious place to start. Workplace management software helps you collect reliable data to understand where you are today. Then you can use that knowledge to right-size your portfolio to save millions.

Business-Intelligence-WhiteHowever, even the best tool won’t create results for you on its own. You need the right strategy to achieve value. And time frame is critically important. The sooner you’re on the path to the optimized workplace, the more money you save month over month and year over year.

So what’s the best strategy for reducing time to value and getting the results you need from workplace technology?

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Serraview’s Workplace Management Software Success Stories Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

SUMMARY: Serraview recently shared its workplace optimization success stories in an exclusive interview featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. Serraview Co-founder Ian Morley, as well as several Serraview clients and partners, explained how corporations are saving millions by optimizing their use of office space.

NEW YORK, NY and MELBOURNE, AUST, July 31, 2016 – Serraview, a global leader in workplace management software, shared client success stories in a Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® exclusive interview. Serraview’s co-founder and Chief Evangelist Ian Morley, explained the company’s innovative approach to corporate workplace management that is saving companies millions in property costs.


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Pricing Guide to Workplace Management Solutions

Corporate-Real-Estate-WhiteWhen you begin evaluating workplace management solutions, you’ll quickly discover there is a wide range of pricing. Not to mention very different pricing models. That’s partly because systems vary in sophistication and the capabilities they offer. How can you compare apples to oranges and figure out which solution will provide the most value for your organization?

Here’s a primer that will help you hone in on the most cost-effective workplace management solutions for your needs, take Total Cost of Ownership into account, and calculate the return on investment & value you can expect to gain.

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5 Security Questions to Ask a Cloud Workplace Management System Vendor

This is a guest post written by Ryan La Roche, Principal Security Architect at Zimbani.   

Facilities-Management-WhiteThe benefits of cloud are well understood; the ability to rapidly onboard business applications (such as a workplace management system), a reduction to capital expenditure, the economies of scale and a host of other reasons.

This has resulted in many organisations adopting a “cloud first” policy, that is looking for cloud solutions before consideration of more traditional on-premise technology solutions. But on the other side of the coin, cloud can open a proverbial can of worms around technology, data security and privacy risk.

Over long periods of time, organisations have made significant investments in security people, process and technology. Many of these capabilities become redundant and ineffective by moving towards the cloud. Because of this, customers have become reliant on the cloud providers themselves to invest in and operate security on their behalf. Because of this, selecting the right vendor for a workplace management system to protect your information and your organisation’s brand is paramount.

Below are 5 key questions you should be asking your cloud-based workplace management system vendor to provide yourself some assurance that you and your staff’s information is secure.

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VIDEO: Workplace Management Cloud Data Security

Concerned about workplace management cloud data security? Watch this video to learn how Serraview keeps your data secure.


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