How To Turbocharge IWMS With Facilities Space Management Tools

If your company is like most large, global corporations, chances are you’ve got an IWMS system that’s supposed to handle all your facilities space management needs. “Supposed to” is the key term here… the fact is that today’s IWMS offerings are failing to meet the requirements of modern space planning.

Space-Planning-and-Utilization-WhiteSince you’re reading this, it’s likely you have experienced some of the shortcomings with IWMS facilities space management capabilities.

What you might not realize is that even though you may be locked into an existing IWMS, you can still get the modern space planning capabilities you need by supplementing your legacy system to add value.

Read on to learn more about how two of the largest US banks have done so by integrating best-in-class facilities space management tools with an existing system.

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IWMS Priority Applications – What’s Important? What Can Wait?

The following post was originally featured on Bell’s Blog and was authored by Michael Bell. Michael originally defined IWMS while at Gartner and is currently senior advisor to Visual Lease.

Facilities-Management-WhiteIn years past, someone asked the infamous bank robber, Willy Sutton, why he robbed banks.  Sutton responded, “Because that’s where the money is!” Sutton’s pragmatic answer could be the guiding principle behind software prioritization for facilities and real estate applications. In other words, what are some guiding principles for selecting and investing in software functionality in support of your facilities and real estate operations? To use Willy Sutton’s logic, CRE managers should follow the money in the prioritization process.

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Look Beyond IWMS Magic Quadrant for Better Space Planning

Space-Planning-and-Utilization-WhiteFor corporate real estate professionals, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IWMS has been the go-to resource for facilities management software since the 90’s. So when you need to take control of CRE space planning to reduce costs and plan for the workplace of the future, you might automatically turn to the IWMS Magic Quadrant for guidance.

Unfortunately, the traditional integrated workplace management systems touted by Gartner’s IWMS Magic Quadrant are poorly equipped to support the features and functionality required for modern space planning. That’s why forward-thinking organizations are looking beyond the IWMS Magic Quadrant for the best workplace management tools.

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Serraview Welcomes Tom Montesi and Chris Keen to the Global Business Development Team

New York, NY – June 17, 2016– Serraview, a leader in space management solutions and real estate portfolio optimization, is pleased to announce that two workplace experts have recently joined the company: Tom Montesi to lead Serraview’s Global Sales and Chris Keen in Business Development. Tom and Chris both have extensive experience with IWMS and workplace management; and will be working alongside Simon Davis and Sonya Verny.

The appointments address the growing demand for Serraview’s space management solutions as corporations look to decrease real estate spending and move toward adopting agile work environments.

“Serraview is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth,” said Serraview CEO Stephen Macnee. “As we expand into new markets and grow our customer base, we are thrilled to gain the expertise of Tom and Chris, who thoroughly understand corporate real estate and the IWMS marketplace. Their knowledge and experience will help our clients move toward the workplace of the future and right-size their real estate portfolios. ”

Tom Montesi joined Serraview in June. Tom brings 20+ years of IWMS experience, and has previously worked in similar roles where he was instrumental in helping grow the companies into leading providers in their areas. At Serraview, Tom is tasked with leading the global sales team and expanding Serraview’s customer base worldwide.

“Serraview is laser-focused on portfolio optimization, which represents the highest value opportunity for companies among all the IWMS disciplines,” said Montesi. “Most importantly, Serraview is the clear leader in enabling free address working and space utilization. There’s no doubt that this is the future of the workplace, and my goal is to extend Serraview’s leadership position and help companies get there faster.”

Chris Keen joined Serraview in May. Chris has deep experience in this space with a number of the leading players in the IWMS arena. At Serraview, Chris is tasked with expanding Serraview’s customer base in the New England and Toronto areas.

“My decision to move to Serraview was a simple one,” said Keen. “Serraview is a leader in the marketplace in delivering disruptive technology. Serraview is leading the way in supporting the agile workplace and utilization technologies. They have also made it possible for companies to have both agile and fixed environments in the same workplace, which to me is the hottest thing on the market.”


IWMS 2.0 – Chief Characteristics

The following post was originally featured on Bell’s Blog and was authored by Michael Bell. Michael originally defined IWMS while at Gartner and is currently senior advisor to Visual Lease.

Facilities-Management-WhiteAdvances in technology and changes in user behavior are driving significant transformation in Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) software architecture and delivery.

IWMS in the Cloud

Cloud-based delivery has the effect of disaggregating the functionality of IWMS solutions from multiple vendors. No longer must users choose one vendor to deliver all the functionality of an IWMS suite. Alternatively, users can choose best-in-breed solutions, and then integrate in the cloud with a common database, performance metrics, and process engines. The user client can join multiple best–in-breed solutions, realizing higher performance, while reducing the cost of configuring and installing the applications.

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