5 Ways to Smooth Relocation After Machinery of Government Changes

For public sector employees, machinery of government changes can be a source of a great deal of anxiety about changes in job responsibilities, reporting structure, and (possibly worst of all) having to relocate to a new workspace.

machinery of government changesFor property teams within government departments, machinery of government changes can be even more stressful. That’s because you not only have to worry about your own job, but you’re suddenly facing a great deal more work: managing relocations of the shifting workforce and finding new space for any new departments and agencies. It’s a monumental task, and one that needs to be accomplished at lightning speed.

In large corporations, churn is also a way of life and property teams are tasked with moving them around while minimising work disruption. But in the public sector, you regularly face an even more difficult challenge: moving large numbers of people at the drop of a hat. With machinery of government changes, you often won’t know what’s coming until the change is publicly announced.

In addition to moves resulting from machinery of government, public sector departments are expected to help each other out with their space needs, such as subleasing available space to each other. It’s not unheard of for departments to swap space when one is growing and the other getting smaller. That means even more relocations.

In the process of working with Australian government departments for a decade, Serraview has learned a thing or two about making these transitions faster and easier. Here’s some advice we think will help, as well as specific steps for smoothing and speeding the process of relocating groups after a machinery of government change.

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Sonya Verny joins Serraview as VP of Business Development

SUMMARY: Serraview, a leading provider of workplace management solutions, has named Sonya Verny Vice President of Business Development.

Sonya Verny headshotNew York, NY – April 7, 2016 – Serraview, a leader in workplace management and optimization solutions in North American and Australia, is pleased to announce that Sonya Verny has joined the firm as Vice President of Business Development alongside Simon Davis. Sonya’s appointment addresses the growing demand for the company’s products and services as corporations look to decrease real estate spending and optimize workplaces.

In her new position, Sonya is tasked with building relationships, helping organizations to optimize their workplace portfolios, and expanding Serraview’s client base in North America.

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4 Steps to Easier PRODAC Compliance

Space-Planning-and-Utilization-WhiteWhat’s your least favorite month of the year? If you’re part of a property team for an Australian government agency or department, it’s probably September. That’s PRODAC reporting time.

How much time and expense could you save if you had an automated system that contained accurate data about all your workpoints, including actual occupancy information? And you could use that system to collect data and output your PRODAC report every year?

Did you know you can have that system today?

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Case Study: Automation Helps Optimise Workplace Space Utilisation

Space-Planning-and-Utilization-WhiteAre you under the gun to improve workplace space utilisation and reduce your footprint? Just about every large organisation is facing this challenge today. If you are looking for solutions to this problem, you might be surprised to hear that you can learn a thing or two from the Australian government.

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Serraview Partners with Current, powered by GE to Enable Smarter Buildings

Serraview and Current, powered by GE, have announced a technology partnership between GE’s lighting sensors and Serraview’s workplace management technology. Both companies will demonstrate their new integration this week at the 2016 LIGHTFAIR International conference in San Diego, CA.